Opalescence Teeth Whitening For Your Most
Fabulous Smile

Opalescence Teeth Whitening For Your Most Fabulous Smile

As an orthodontist in Plano, we understand that the esthetics of your smile is just as important to you as how it works. We also know and love that the end of orthodontics treatment is a pretty fantastic day. That’s why we’re pleased to offer Opalescence™ Teeth Whitening in Plano TX, to make that reveal even more satisfying!

What is Opalescence teeth whitening?

More than 30 years ago, the creator of Opalescence (a dentist) was prompted by his persistent teenaged daughter to find a better way to whiten teeth. He found that by using a sticky, viscous gel, the solution would stay in place. This provided a sustained release of peroxide, allowing the oxygen molecules from the whitening agent to spread thoroughly over the teeth to react with discolored molecules and whiten teeth!

How white can I expect my teeth to look?

When it comes to Teeth Whitening, the degree of whiteness you can expect depends on the initial discoloration and individual factors. Typically, teeth can be whitened by up to eight shades. Zoom and observe the noticeable difference achieved with just two to three shades lighter.

The long-term results are influenced by dietary habits like consuming dark berries, coffee, tea, and red wine, which can cause stains. If eliminating these choices is challenging, regular touch-up treatments become necessary. Our expert team at Wincrest Orthodontics will guide you to the best treatment for your smile. Additionally, Opalescence offers a whitening toothpaste to maintain your bright smile for longer. Get a dazzling, confident smile today with Professional teeth whitening in Plano, TX. Book your appointment now!

Is there a such thing as being too young or too old to get teeth whitening done?

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, teeth whitening has become the most-demanded cosmetic procedure for patients under twenty – an ideal smile booster to complement completing orthodontics and prom or graduation prep, however it is not recommended for children while their teeth are still developing. After childhood, age is not a consideration and most people, from teens to seniors, can benefit from teeth whitening.